June 18, 2024

How to enter

-we will play a lotto32game one a week.
-the date of issue of winners is everyWednesday 19:00gtm at the you tube on live.
-how to announce a winner*s number
-everyWednesday 19:00gtm at the youtube on live.
-lotto32game is not availabe less than 18 years old.

who is winner?

-The first prizewinner must have 3 correct number .
-The second winner has to have 3 correct number
-Lotto32 will build a world lotto system with lottycoin cryptocurrency.
-Lotto32game practice transparent management.

Prize of Winner

-when you are a winner,you take a prize to your own wallet address.
-we send BITis BIT,ETH is ETH or Available coin ,we’ll send WinnerPrize of your Coingroup to your own wallet address.
-enjoy with lotto32game in the mobile app

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