February 24, 2024

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YourWalletAddress+Available Order-(2,13,50),ex-(9-17,42)Your game is available only if your lottycoin is arrived our WalletAddress.,1st -8jul2020-19:00, -lotto32@youtube-live on air. more Info- http://lotto41.com & lotto32 App

Every Wednesday-19:00GTM,Winners should be announced , on youtube@Mainlotto live tv,

Lotto32 wallet 21 address,

0xCbc34cd52A9205835fA28B6b830B9013002e2073 ,

0xB0482D5aa9414b87b7Ba09F33496fDf1f636293e ,

0x6ed1a6aa90e84d985F4D416d2829CB2e8716046A ,

0xe7C0292E6F8148F91CE096F4A296eb8b858EBDa0 ,

0xFD806f53Faae91Eb2A32c74c96f18Fae24FeBa34 ,

0x25021350F05e19F6468B7f8F74945fD0371D7BAC ,

0x70DA0F5eDD5850612A7538DF865e74c41D036fDd ,

0x4726313d5ABe33656433c7551fBbcD91bd921cb8 ,

0xc5A25B0C6b3f0f09fB9f00982b8CA5F8d0eB96b0 ,

0xf8586B4c7F4d3D1AD366b46d1e5a40D53fc3006b ,

0xaC45620B4C800e9DdC08A341dC29F44705e17732 ,

0xBe4994501CE6947557aa2043F6cdD040E626EFAC ,

0x55c4eb20B8948d33BD55051De0777BF3817c9511 ,

0x86B7E5Fe678c0eAAB29811b93DcB870eD09A5F82 ,

0xDF4AFd3861a8386382A9be93446D0c634384A61b ,

0xD884fe7B2CD6Ea6d2A24f9f69cDB352330B82502 ,

0xd30197D57ca38ed68D0CF5941e8e6413F056A4E4 ,

0x408Db326916AfCfb8A020431B1faCC0020EE8d5f ,

0x370D3C4fcE31e9fA525ab7F64Fa82e30494e69Fd ,

0x5F5Eaf8dB1b39A30f54C68db2964B7ba72d3A4AF ,

0x1463E5ec3b3f6bb085D3DD3e450c67a423eC3Fe4 ,

Are you agree? click please, The dividends according to your betting ratio for the total betting of winner is principal to be paid ,All of Coins is regarded ,that each symbol is One group, The dividends is separately ,divided by the sorts of each Symbol ,the Ratio of The dividends is the ratio of bettingAmount of each Winners, OtherCoins are also separately ,deal with the sorts of each Symbol ,The dividends is divided with , same coin in groups of symbol , Both of Coin of CBANK and LOTTY, is issued by CoinNetBank,and Buy back, and Pay back by ETH,